Date: 2015-10-29 07:25 am (UTC)
laughing_girl: (Hopeful Grin)
"Well, with the Joker... you've really only got three options. Cure him, catch him, or kill him," Jokester says. "The first almost never got seriously attempted, and never really stuck until our reality collapsed... I still owe ol' Martian Manhunter a 'thanks for trying' card. And if you've ever cracked open a comic book, you probably know how well option number two usually worked out... so unless you've got someplace really inescapable in mind... the question is how far are you willing to go?" He doesn't like the idea of killing, but he also knows he'd rather be dead than be that monster again.

Duela looks up at Mari, then down at what she's doing, and then back up. "It's the antidote for Joker Toxin, mixed with DMSO so it'll absorb through skin." She fidgets, and looks at her dad for a second. "Most of the timelines where Daddy's the bad kind of crazy... half of it is because of getting dunked in chemicals that were like the stuff he'd use later. I just thought, maybe..." Maybe they could at least try to get through to this other lunatic, if he had that much in common. And even if not, a spray would be more convenient cure for anyone who got gassed.

Jokester goes over and crouches down to pat Duela's hair. "You never give up on anyone, do you, baby girl? ... You'd have to get that from your mom." If he had to admit it, he's still not sure about his own relative stability... as he'd said, it never stuck before, and he's not sure that someday the Joker won't be back.

Harlequin giggles. "Where would we be if I wasn't more stubborn than Reality itself."

"Absolutely nowhere!" Jokester says with a laugh.
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