Date: 2015-11-01 04:22 am (UTC)
reality_warper: (Harlequin: saner than you thought)
"If you haven't seen him, I'm sure he is," Jokester says. "And the longer he's out of the spotlight, the worse it's going to be. All you can really do is hope it doesn't involve a room full of babies and explosives... You might guess I'm not too comfortable with Duela too close to the guy."

"That's why it'll have to be me," Harlequin says, before Jokester can suggest otherwise. "If this version's got powers like the ones I got from Ivy, anyone getting too close is tricky."

"I was thinking of putting it in gas grenades," Duela says.

"If the toxin exposure's the same," Harlequin says, "gassing the guy might not be enough to counter the amounts he was exposed to. But, if it can just take the edge off the omnicidal mania enough to try to reason with him..."

"He still might kill you," Jokester points out. "If it's me... well, the sheer weirdness of coming face to face with an alt of oneself... Trust me, things won't get lethal until he's done trying to figure out what's going on." It was how a lot of people he'd worked with back in the day had managed to survive - by simply being too interesting to kill.

Harlequin sighs and hugs Jokester. "I've dodged most of the times you've tried to shoot me, remember? And grenades are a ranged weapon... I won't have to get that close."

Duela tries not to roll her eyes at this. They could argue forever to try to keep each other out of danger, but they didn't have forever. "Mom? Did you bring more antidote? We can make gas grenades for everyone, and that way however things go someone'll get him. And they'd be good in case he gets anyone else, too. And, hmmm... Anybody know where we could get a trank gun?" Gas him and then shoot him? Urgh, she doesn't like having to be the planner. That used to be Daddy's thing, or Uncle Eddie's. Though, she guesses she can't blame her parents for being overprotective of each other lately.
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