Date: 2015-11-14 11:11 am (UTC)
no_sanity_clause: (Jokester - not funny)
Harlequin nods. "And if we manage to gas him first, maybe he'd even let you..." She'll fix up a couple syringes while her daughter finishes assembling the gas grenades.

As much as Jokester doesn't like the idea of Joker around people in general, he knows that question is a pretty tall order. "If he's tricked into it, maybe. Look, when you're putting on a show, you don't intentionally go where there's less of an audience, am I right? Captive or otherwise. Now Batsy... Batsy was an exception. He was an audience all on his own. But that's a whole other complicated can of worms, and we don't know enough about this guy to know if there's anyone like that around." He paces a bit as he speaks. "If he's anything at all like me... I mean, besides the obvious... he's going to want attention. You can't get that with no one around. The only way to get him away from live, injurable people is to make him at least think he's going somewhere where even more people will notice. And I doubt we have time to co-opt some on-location film shooting or something."
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