Date: 2015-11-14 10:26 pm (UTC)
wind_contractor: (This is clearly not my day...)
Kazuma breathed out a sigh. “It was worth asking anyway... So, he likes being the center of attention.” He’d never been to a circus show his entire life, yet he understood Jokester’s explanation well enough.

“If we start seeing flames or a bunch of stuff on fire, then it would be easy to find him and Ayano,” Mari pointed out. “We could all team up against him then.” That was how she was, often looking towards the bright side of things.

His spoke his reply calmly, but in a fairly serious tone of voice. “True, but would you be ready for the drama that would happen afterwards? Do you think there’s time for that?” Reasonably, not only had he accepted his new life, along with the large group who cared about him—he was thinking of their enemies. He honestly wasn’t so sure that being on his world to avoid Vertigo was working out so well.

In knowing how irrational and brash his cousin tended to be at times, and how stressed out Mari has been lately—in addition to how much of an ass his old man would be once they’d see each other...

“There will be time. And, if Vertigo finds us, I don’t believe she’ll be able to strike at us altogether,” Mari reasoned, confident and determined. “What about you though? You haven’t seen your family in four years. Wouldn’t it be fair for them to know you haven’t died?”
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