Date: 2015-11-15 10:29 pm (UTC)
i_am_the_most_abnormal: (worried)
Mari took the syringes from Harlequin and looked to her and her family, a little confused. Ella? Who’s that? Someone else in their...?

She mentally filed away this concern, and chose not to bring up what had to be a sore subject. She awaited Kazuma to answer her question, about Ayano and Ren in particular. In the past, he had mentioned them on good terms. He had been close with them. His father? Not so much. Genma Kannagi was a horrible parent to have disowned his older son, when he was unable to get a handle on fire magic as a kid.

“I appreciate your concern, but this isn’t the time,” Kazuma said, his expression a calm and stern one. “Now that we know you’re capable of taking us from world to world, we could catch up when no one’s in real danger... We’ll save Ayano and confront her if we have to, and only that.”

Mari wasn’t so sure he understood the full sentiment behind her concerns, that he should let them know he’s okay sooner, instead of later. “But we can’t predict if she and Ren, and the rest of the Kannagis will stay safe-“

“You’re right. We can’t,” Kazuma interjected. “But every member of them together won’t lose against our new foe. The current head of the family, and my old man are both very strong on their own.” There was the slightest resentment Mari heard when Kaz mentioned his dad. She knew and understood that he always refused to call him Dad, or Father.

Mari didn’t back off completely as her voice softened. She didn’t want to argue, nor did she want Kazuma to lose his real family like she had. “I hope to help end all our current troubles soon then, so you’ll be reunited with your loved ones.” She said no further, and zipped open her purse. The syringes could be stored in there until it was time to use them.
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