Date: 2015-11-29 07:07 am (UTC)
laughing_girl: (talon)
Duela's expression gets oddly distant, too serious to be normal for her, as she speaks. "My possibly-ex-boyfriend... I thought I could trust him, even though he... he'd been an enemy. He said he wanted out of that. After a while, I believed him. I took him to our home. And maybe some things got said that nobody really meant..."

Jokester fidgets at that, remembering exactly what was said... and not much liking the look on Duela's face either. It reminds him of the time he told Eddie and Ozzy about certain things... His baby girl had had her own Bad Day, and he'd helped cause it. It didn't matter that it hadn't been a good day for anyone, it still wasn't something he'd forgive himself for any time soon.

"And we left... and less than a minute after we were gone, the place was raided. I don't know if he set us up, or if he got set up too. He's not around to ask. I thought everyone died. I ended up in a different universe's Gotham, then I got shot by some creep who didn't like me jumping timelines. And then Daddy... he'd made it out and came looking for me, only to get shot maybe a week or so later by the same creep. The whole reason my whole family isn't plant food is because our reality broke and that meant Mom could change things and bring us back..."

"And I get that we have to deal with the Joker first. I know what he can do. But... family is important. And they won't be there forever. Any time you get, that's the most precious thing there is. Don't screw it up."

Jokester steps forward to pull her into a hug. "Baby girl... if anyone ever tries to say you're not mine, ever again, even if it's me, you smack them silly... got that?"
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