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Who: Duela, Jokester, Harlequin, Jake Berenson, Mari Broderick, and Kazuma Yagami

What: As it reads on the tin. Mari arrives with the new allies as they'll come up with a plan on what to do about the Copycat Joker.

When: Just after this scene!

Where: Kazuma's old home in the world he originally grew up in.

Kazuma pocketed his phone after staring at it a moment. A part of him wanted to contact his family; his cousin Ayano and younger brother Ren--but then he had second thoughts.

Since Kazuma's lived a life with Jake and his other friends in another world for over a few years, he figured it would be very awkward, with a lot of drama involved. Also, he sure as hell didn't want Ren near Vertigo. The vile and cruel lizard sorceress had a very different way of using magic. In a fight against Mari's boyfriend, from what he heard, she had dodged and blocked his fire attacks. Ayano was more than capable of taking care of herself, while Ren wasn't close to being powerful as their cousin.

He frowned, pondering about that sadistic, murderous clown. Ayano and her friends from school went to the city often, for their school was over there. And there were places in which they'd hang out at on the weekends or after school. Kazuma squeezed his jaws together. He could picture a crazy fight scene in his mind of Ayano and the Joker... Maybe she is somewhere far away from him.

Oh, who was he trying to kid? He then shook his head, before he could let himself get worked up over that.

As he stood in the foyer, he noticed the knob of the front door being turned. He noticed a red haired lady with pale make up on coming in. In remembering what Mari's texts had described, he figured this had to be one of their new allies who decided to help them track the murdering criminal down. In seeing this woman, that had to mean Mari and the other two were close behind. Wearing a relaxed smile, he said, "Well, that was quick.”

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"Hi!" Duela says, cheerily, as if they're meeting here to have a party instead of deal with a murderous alt or copycat of her father.

Jokester sidles in with his hands up as if fully expecting there's going to have to be a whole lot of 'not the clown you want to kill' explanations. It's one reason he stuck with the color reversal.

"Given the problem," Harlequin says, stepping inside, "it's better to be quick than dead."
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If she thinks about it, she might realize that 'Ella' is just short for Duela, when it's not one of her several interdimensional aliases.

Jokester's attention is completely on his daughter, while Harlequin takes a moment to pass out some of the golf-ball-sized grenades, saying "Just don't press the little red button until you want them to go off." She bites her lip as she glances worriedly back to the other two.

Duela pulls away after a bit. She's managed to keep from actually crying, because she doesn't want to go into action with messy greasepaint... but it was a close thing and she's still holding back tears. Still she'll step closer to Kazuma and give him a glare. "In the interests of full disclosure, I just want you to know I am putting a lot of effort into not knocking you upside the head right now. Because... because one of the worst things is watching someone else do something that, unless I really really screw up sometime in the future, is probably going to stay the biggest mistake of my life ever. Wait 'till this one thing is over if you've gotta... I know, people are getting hurt and priorities and everything... but... Right after this. Because... you keep making excuses, and one day home won't be there to go back to."

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